Turf Care Specialists
for Stadiums, Pitches, Arenas and Golf Courses

Welcome to Allgrass Turf Care Ltd. We are specialists in the construction, renovation and maintenance of sports surfaces. Our team of professionals have over 70 years hands on experience within the Scottish turf care industry – understanding the knowledge and skill required to construct and maintain a sports surface in the harsh Scottish climate.

We are Scotland’s leading turf care contractor and have heavily invested in specialist, modern machinery and skilled operators. Our investment is ongoing, and we are currently Scotland’s only licensed contractor for ECO bunkers. Find out all about our machinery.

Every member of our team from the company director to the guys you’ll meet on site genuinely care about the finished product – you are only as good as your last job – and we will ensure the best possible surface is delivered time and time again.

Our Aims

  1. To provide the best sports surface possible in every job we do, whether that be a local golf club or a football club in the premier league.
  2. To be your contractor of choice year after year.

Client Testimonials

  • Jim Dobson
    We had a problem with the previous contractor and a problem with pitch two, it wasn’t draining properly. Allgrass came onto the scene two years ago and fixed the issues and we have been happy ever since. I have built up a good relationship with Jock and the guys!
    Jim Dobson
    Head Groundsman, Norwood FC
  • Paul Mathews
    I have built up a good relationship with Jock over the years. You know Allgrass care about the end result more than a paycheck and I am confident that if I have an issue, I can pick up the phone and the issue will be resolved quickly.
    Paul Mathews
    Head Groundsman, Motherwell FC
  • David McBride
    I know I can leave them to do the work without micromanaging. They are sociable to deal with and are flexible with us and work with our budget as best they can. Our committee’s feedback has been that Allgrass have always been professional and every job is clean and tidy.
    David McBride
    Head Groundsman, Vale of Leven GC
  • Allan Findlay
    I have built up a good relationship with Jock over the years and I know Allgrass do a good job. There is a lot of give and take, they are flexible, and I know if I have any issues all I have to do is pick up the phone and it will be resolved fast.
    Allan Findlay
    Head Groundsman, Partick Thistle FC
  • David Roxburgh
    I have trust in Jock and I know they do a good job, we can learn from each other’s skills and experience and it’s that give and take that forms the relationship and trust in your contractor.
    David Roxburgh
    Head Groundsman, Rangers FC
  • Stewart Carbray
    They have a different vision/approach. I have a good relationship and trust in Jock, I know if there is a problem, I can just pick up the phone and they’ll help. They work with you and are understanding and flexible.
    Stewart Carbray
    Head Groundsman, Bothwell Castle GC

Our Objectives

  1. To have a flexible approach to our projects and work with client’s budgets to ensure all projects are an economic success and surfaces are finished to the highest standard. We will continue to be the leading contractor in construction, renovation and maintenance of sports surfaces in Scotland.
  2. To build strong, trusting relationships with new customers and to continue to strengthen existing relationships with returning clients.