Hybrid Sports Pitches

Hybrid grass or reinforced natural grass is created by combining natural grass with synthetic fibres for more playing hours and a faster pitch recovery. We are the only Scottish company with the specialist machinery required to carry out renovations on a hybrid pitch.

Hybrid Pitch Benefits

  • More playing hours
  • Faster pitch recovery
  • Aesthetics- hybrid pitches always appear green and lush
  • The natural soil remains at an even level

Renovation Can Include:

  • Several light passes of surface removal
  • Several light passes Topdressing to build it back up
  • Specialised over seeding unit
  • Aeriation works
  • Fertilising

With our sister companies Allstone Glasgow and Scottish Plant and Operators in the group we can provide the full package from a road brush to recycling the waste material in house. This ensures the process is efficient and cost effective from start to finish.